Crazy Hell Ride


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Leather biker Luke Riley spends no time messing around. To start, Luke grabs the Fucksall and jacks his ass at full speed. That riles up his endorphins and he tosses this aside and straddles the Crystal Palace, which makes his cock super hard. With a hard cock and a wet hole, Luke is finally ready for the Chopper. Luke slowly turns the throttle and the wheel spins at a steady speed, pushing the dildoed shaft up his ass. Luke’s wild side takes over as he cranks the throttle for a Crazy Hell Ride!

After having done so well in his interview, Trenton was asked to do this shoot and he surprises everybody with his ability to take a big cock up his tiny hole and don’t even talk about a cum shot.

The Ass Master has studly Dominic Pacifico chained up in his dirty prison cell. After a long period, Dominic is ready to give in to the twisted Master’s wishes. Dominic is made to stretch out his hole over the toilet with the metal balls and a huge black dildo. There’s nothing like having the Scorpion up your ass in prison. When Dominic’s hole is nice and wet, the Ass Master completely ties him up for the Annihilator. First it fucks him doggy, then it fucks him on his back. Will Dominic be set free after his ass torment or will the Ass Master keep him to play some more?

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111 mins approx.




All Region, NTSC

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