FEMFEM Tortures – Volume 4


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This lesbian bondage video is one of the few on the site that puts humiliation and degradation of the sub at the forefront. While MISSogyny is keen to call her submissive subs sluts and harlots, she keeps it at a certain level of decorum…in a sense, they are kindred spirits and they belong to a closely knit collective of lesbian bondage adherents. This session with Ela Darling however shows a darker side to Mistress MISSogyny, one keen on exposing her sub as something inferior and worthy of extra cruel treatment. Mistress demonstrates that early, struggling with Ela and inserting a custom made gag into her mouth. The gag is fixed with a scrub brush and MISSogyny orders her weaker sibling to scrub the floor clean with her brush. All the while Ela struggles and MISSogyny whips her backside. Soon, MISSogyny tires of this humiliating exercise and locks Ela into an excruciating position: hands planted on the floor, waist bent double and feet locked in position, giving Ela just a little freedom to bend her knees, but always compelling her to stay on her feet. Under her, MISSogyny rigs a vibrator, so whenever she tires, she can only dip a little bit and then the high speed head is working on her clit. After unreal domination and punishment, MISSogyny lets Ela have a break from the vibrator but only if she agrees to the pounding pussy punishment of a brutal fucksaw. Talk about a brutal choice.

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