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Lost in Rope
Endza isn’t just lost in rope, she’s dropped in subspace entirely. The rope would be the automobile, the misery is that the fuel, which is her journey.

Endza needs to experience tight and extreme bondage, but there’s some thing much more to it than that. Look at the way that Jack Hammer strings her up. Her legs are spread wide open, so suspended several feet from the ground. Here her pussy is exposed, and she can see how wet she’s getting. She gets hornier with every passing moment, as he lays into her canes and floggers and his bare hands.

Her wetness is also tempting. He could smell the bliss coming from her, along with her legs bound open there is no way to allow her to conceal her eagerness. She wants him inside. His 10-inches is mythical, and she wants to believe it filling up her. It is good that she wants it so badly. She’d be getting it.

Caged Bird
Gabriella Paltrova is trapped in a cage in a dark dungeon and she wants to do is go watch the birds. She wants to be outdoors, in the open atmosphere, listening to them in sunlight.

Jack Hammer doesn’t give a fuck what she wants. All that matters is what he has proposed for her, and it doesn’t involve her ever seeing daylight . She’s at the dungeon so that he can proceed and make her suffer whenever he wants. He shows her outside world by means of a window and allows her believe she can actually get the chance to feel the grass under her feet, but in reality he has no intention of letting that happen. Rather her future holds whips and rope. It will involve pleasing a man without a reservation or fear for her own satisfaction.

She believes that if she sees well and behaves right she will be free to play with the animals and live her entire life. In reality she is going to be locked off until Jack gets tired with her and decides to eliminate her. But as long as she retains learning new tricks she’s a very long, bright future of sexual slavery ahead of her.

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