Insex – Double Features 2


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The Block
Stand at Attention. The Block is a test of endurance, Don’t fall off, you won’t like the consequences. slave abigail is to stand on a wooden block for over two hours with arms tied high behind her back. Her ankles are shackled in a bar cuff that keeps her feet close together. All the while she is tested by her Master, with both pain and constricting deprivation. This is a grueling experience, holding beautiful introspective opportunities for a slave.

Black Lipstick & Heel Trainers
Master James just can’t seem to keep this slave broken… her will rises all too often against Him. And her mouth is a loose cannon of vile defiance. To ease the fire within her and bring her to her knees, he laces her up in ballerina high heel trainers before binding her by her wrists to the gallows with leather and metal shackles. And to really keep her in place, he fixes a waist cincher around her waist and ties her with ropes to each side of the gallows. A strict posture choke collar and painful head harness is then placed on her and she begins change her demeanor. Yet she continues to act out and demand that she be released at once. This calls for some corrective training starting with the sting of the cane on her catsuit covered thighs and supple ass followed by a flogging to her backside. By the end she is brought to tears and her fight has appeared to have left as she craves more from this sensual yet firm Master.

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