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We here at Sensual Pain are all about slutty, promiscuous harlots… but we simply won’t tolerate an adulterous whore. Tess Dagger has been sent to us to be kept in confinement until the hour of her atonement in which she will suffer for her wrong doings under the hand of Master James. Traditionally, in order to be cleansed of ones iniquities, blood must be shed. In this regard, we are sadly limited in what we are able to publicly display… however, with much practice, Master James delivers quite the adequate alternative with his behavior correcting techniques. And George (the cat) made Tess’ suffering not in vain by capturing the sacrificial bird in his debut leading role as “The Executioner”.

Chain Cage Of Anguish
After spending an entire week in pain unrelated to Sensual Pain, slave abigail was not very pleased to hear of Master James’ plans to use her to satiate His sadistic appetite. she humbly asked if He would consider inflicting pain by way of endurance and predicament as opposed to corporal punishment. What a kind and loving Master He is to grant her this request. He beckons her outside wearing only nude pantyhose and begins to fit her into various bondage. A strict leather posture collar, a leather under bust half corset, a metal waist cincher with a metal crotch piece fitted with a thick wooden stake which he inserts into her ass, leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles and a pair of metal wrist shackles. A bell is hung between her legs at the base of the wooden stake… this bell alone is torture for her as she can be a bit neurotic and the incessant and unpredictable cadence of bell drives her senses to a near frantic state. She is positioned inside of a standing cage made of chain that is hanging inches off the ground offset with the sphere cage on either side of the scorched tree. A chain is then attached to her wrist shackles and fed through a hole in the bottom of the cage where he then attaches a heavy stone. her feet are chained together. At this point you can already see the discomfort she is experiencing. Every slight movement causes a different part of her body to writhe in pains of varying degrees. Master James then hoists her up into the air only to bring her back down again when she alerts Him to the fact that people are walking by. slave abigail suffers so beautifully and watching her anguish grow from mild discomfort into excruciating pain is fascinating.

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