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Life is not easy under the Junta. The oppressive government allows no individual freedom, no human rights, no law…

People are detained and disappear for reason other than the suspicion they might be related to the underground resistance.

There are rumors that the ruling military Junta is behind the mysterious kidnappings of beautiful young women. These kidnappings have been going on for years now. In most cases, the disappearance is not even reported in the highly censored press.

But life goes on, as always, even in these desperate circumstances…

Young Clara is walking down the street with her arm round her boyfriend. The street seems safe enough that quite summer evening. To Clara’s surprise, her boyfriend walks past the cinema. He has the keys to a friend’s house, he says. Why don’t they go there instead? Clara laughs. He’s not going to find it so easy to get her into bed, she says.

At that moment, there is a screech of tires. Masked men jump out of a military vehicle. They seize Clara and take her to a warehouse in the port area.

Arbitrarily classified as an “insurgent”, Clara is the latest victim of the Junta. No one tells her family. Officially, she is listed as “missing”.

And so it is that Clara, a young woman who has never made love with anybody in her life, is locked in a small shower booth at the mercy of the military. Especially by Fat Guy, her warden.

When Clara’s attractive mother seeks official help in tracing her daughter, she too disappears. Mother and daughter are reunited in the unhappiest of circumstances. They are kept together, naked and bound in a small cell, where they are forced watch each other being questioned.

And things get no better when an officer’s wife seeks revenge and pleasure…

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