Mighty Machine Challenge


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Dominic is like a kid in a candy store when he enters the Butt Machine Boys machine room but he has a choice to make – and for the Mighty Machine Challenge, he chooses the Crystal Palace and the Dragon. As everyone well knows, you always need to warm up before exerting yourself and Dominic goes deep with a dildo nightstick, pushing and plowing until he’s ready to go. He starts in a standing position with the Crystal Palace and the machine spins at top speed but that doesn’t faze him and this seeker of pleasure soon moves over the Dragon where he gets a workout like no other.

Sebastian Keys wakes up tied to a bed in a dark dungeon. Before he knows where he is or who put him there, a masked stranger eats his ass and dildo fucks him. He is then subject to a hard ass fuck as the Annihilator, controlled by the masked stranger, fucks his ass hard. Even though he doesn’t know the man who’s taken him, Sebastian doesn’t want to leave and is given a reward fuck by his favourite machine and shoots his load all over it.

Joey Sommers is a fugitive of the law, but he encounters a law more powerful than the one he’s fleeing from – the law of his hole’s desire!

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