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Brutalizing Miss Lane
We will take Ashley Lane and create a masterpiece of broken, cruel, agony. She’s come out to play but all the rules have changed and our heroine finds herself up against a wall in neck bondage.
She is, for all intensive purposes, helpless. Our damsel will soon be in great, sexy, distress.

Miss Lane arrives with perfectly unmarked, alabaster skin. Alebeard quickly remedies this with some angry welts his whip dances over her sensitive skin with ease.
Ashley also receives a pretty make over as Alebeard lovingly applies some pretty lip color to make our dolly appear more slut-like.
Today we have so much in store for you Miss Lane. We will ruin you completely before the day is over. Open your pretty, sex-doll mouth and wet the phallus before it tears your hole open.

Stand there in your head stock and totter in your slutty high-heel shoes. Turn slowly so your sadist can smash his cane down on your coveted ass as well as your pretty sore tits and pussy.
Cry and scream so pretty that we want to keep you locked forever. Some water torture my pretty? A girls gotta get thirsty during her own destruction.

Watch Ashley play our fucked up little card game. She selects ‘paddled ass’ so we feel obligated to turn her white ass into ‘screaming red and purple’ before our game is over.
Did we mention she rolled a 20 sided die and got a natural 20. Ooo this will be fun!

Painful Delivery
Henna is a tough slut and she cannot get enough pain and agony. She eats it like it’s a dessert, gorging like she’s never been fed in her life. Her greedy moans only mean she wants more and more and more! We will beat this pain whore until she is a mass of moans, welts, bruises and whip marks. Alebeard punishes her wet snatch with his whip but that doesn’t stop her from opening her lets for more. Is she human or is she borg?

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