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Ring That Bell
Caution, this video ‘Painful Task to Ring That Bell’ is Sexually Explicit and perverted Hardcore BDSM – slave abigail is the hottest pain slut in her Masters opinion. What do you think? Here on video she receives more pain in 10 minutes than most feel in 6 months. In this update, you will witness, see slave abigail lead to her short post by a mid-evil leading mace after the behind the scene, drum ceremony by performed by Black Snake Magic. She then is attached by a steel shackle collar to the post for intense pain delivered by her sadistic Master who is eager to deliver the pain. For the ceremony reveals the type of pain as a cowbell tolls, she will endure the cane and the whip. Her historic type bondage is at its most real when adorned by this beautiful slave when she is at her most usefulness. Come see what else is in store for this prized slave to endure.

8 Balls In One
Abigail had been at it all night long giving it her all as usual. She had over 100 people in her room steadily all night but was not seeing the tips rolling in by any means. This can be a common thing for her as she finds it hard to be driven by the tips at all in order to be her unique self. She took a moment to talk with her Master off camera feeling slightly defeated. If there is anything that makes her cringe, it’s the thought of begging or even politely asking for a small token of monetary appreciation for her many extreme talents she joyfully displays to the public. This time it was an order. Master James told her exactly what she was to do and her task was to go back on live cam, and ask for a tip before she did even the slightest task for her many admiring viewers. She felt immediate dread and fear rising in her belly. She quickly stuffed away her “but Masters” and grabbed her brand new box of pink golf balls and marched into her room with determination that she pulled from her Master’s words of encouragement.

An uncomfortable silence filled her room as she laid out the game and the plan and timidly demanded a tip for each golf ball she inserted into her hungry pussy. Turns out all she needed to do was ask and she started to receive only a fraction of what she deserves but none the less… her confidence began to grow and she felt appreciated for the passion that she displays to hundreds on a daily basis. As any artist knows, the hardest part is putting a price on your manifestation of self. Abigail is a true artist in this regard and her canvas is publicly displayed for your pleasure. Come show her your appreciation and watch as she learns a valuable lesson in her worth…. and vaginal capacity.

Handball Express
The Handball Express is in town and Abigail Dupree is ready to show you what she has to offer.. One in the bush is worth two in the tush.. Abigail digs deep in that ass with a fever to please… herself anyway.. She shows off the five pound steel egg while that pink pussy is spread wide with leather straps for the best view. She loves that anal. Do you like her goods?

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