Sensual Pain – The Odd Anal Insertion Plunge


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The Odd Anal Insertion Plunge
Like all good slaves should be, slave Abigail has trained her asshole to serve her Master to his liking. Cum n watch as slave Abigail works her hole, and shows what all her voluptuous ass can devour. We will see odd insertions, that will grab your eye and not let go. Things you will see; are, large toy insertions, anal creampies, anal closeups, and a delicious ass that just wont quit. She will be inserting odd round toys, and various anal plugs, close to the size of a baseball. Watch as she takes her large black toy and Odd very large cock in doggy style position. You’ll never look at a can the same after you see what she can do with it. Viewer caution is advised, for you will become addicted to this video.

Efro In Bondage Censored
EFRO in bondage is a Dolcett shoot – Slave Abigail is jump and displayed in butcher’s twine. She tickles her entire body for a sensual feast for the eyes and tongue. See as the slave cleanses all impurities from its body for a ingestion that is carnal and prides itself. She seasons her body. She will things herself for marinating at a sour nectar, filling her cavities using an array of vegetables and fruits and snacks. This slave is anally made ready for the spit she can taste her flavour. All sex slaves are not made equal, they need to be trained in the manner of the Guru… This is a movie which is too Taboo to place the whole video up on Master James films slave while at the whim of another one.

The Filly That Could
Another view of this exceptional sex slave Abigail Dupree.. A nice fella instructed to her to view some ‘Real’ ‘completely inappropriate sexual material’and some ‘Fake’ anime porn to play out a couple scenes for him, to help bring into some sort of reality. slave abugail is the ticket to bring such fantasies, to help cum true for others.. If you are reading this far, then your in for another close look of commentary and interactive talk with a Fantasy Prone Personality (FPP) type or overactive imagination. that we all have in some way. Some FPP types are so gifted, they have the ability to almost completely live in this world of the fantastical.. She is instruction to cum while riding the cock with a vibrator. In the end, he gets his wish while this filly rides the ‘completely inappropriate’ large piece of ‘sexual material’ and then in full filly view, fingers the cum out of that slave pussy. BTW, After the nice fella has gone, slave abigail fingers more cum out of that pussy, she goes back to the riding post for a bit to our viewing pleasure.. A quiet, intimate moment, that is a must see..

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